Balcones Studio

 5828 Balcones Dr#102 Austin 78731

Our studio on Balcones Drive is a combination personal training and Pilates focus.  One half of the facility is the personal training side with a cable machine, free weights, benches and stability balls, with a Concept II rower used for interval training during a strength workout


The other half has the Pilates equipment, two Reformer/Tower/Mat combination machines and two Wunda chairs.  Pilates classes have a max of two making the workout very specific to the client and their needs.

Both studios offer functional nutrition counseling – with a focus on No Sugar (including no sweeteners) and No Grain (wheat, rice, oats – all of it)


Nutrition counseling classes can be made independent of workout classes. You do not need to be a Pilates client to book a nutrition session.

New appointments for all of the above are made by emailing