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Meet Susan


Susan Perry

Susan, is a native of Ireland, and mother of two. She received her BS in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from UT Austin. Health and fitness has always been her passion. Being a successful personal trainer for 8 years, Susan has seen the growth in mind body health. 


She was drawn to Pilates, not because of any physical injury but because Joseph Pilates’ total integrated system of training made complete sense to her.  Her appreciation of human physiology convinced Susan Pilates was the area she needed to explore further.


Susan completed her advanced training through Power Pilates, New York.  She enjoys combining her knowledge of strength training, nutrition counseling, and her passion for Pilates to bring a comprehensive approach to fitness to her clients.

Susan is also a certified functional nutrition coach.  She believes healthy eating is the foundation to your wellness and healthspan.

Her nutrition site is

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